Sunday, January 8, 2017

And now my watch begins

Last winter, I ordered a Wax Myrtle, Myrica cerifera  from the local UUCSJS Plant Sale, and of course went ahead and researched the bush after I placed my order. Turns out the plant may not be so happy in my 6b zone. The bush was placed to provide a view, other than the former neighbor's English Ivy covered shed. So now I sit and wait and watch it sit in 8 inches of snow. 
Look at poor Myrtle, would rather be in South Carolina, so would I.

She was so promising... broadleaf evergreen shrub that liked full sun. Myrtle doesn't seem to mind the bitter wind and snow so far.

So I need to decide, do I ordered more friends for Miss Myrtle,  find her a mate and make her a Mrs. Myrtle? Or do I leave her single and order Northern Bayberry?

I'm looking for a dense border shrub, has to be native, but doesn't have to be evergreen as long as the branches are dense enough.

Any suggestions?

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